Why Choose PVC?

A Word From Our President

Hi and welcome to our website.

As a company, I am proud to say that we can offer personalised quality service in all our construction projects. When I say personalised, I mean that you won't have to deal with 10 people in order to get things done your way. Sometimes, in this industry, big sometimes falls short in service. We are a small company offering a quality product that won't fall short of your expectations. I will make sure that you get to chose all aspects of your custom house such as floors, kitchen details, plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures and wall colours to name a few. All this at competitive pricing. Come see our showrooms to see what we have to offer and I personally guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Yours Truly,
Philip Couture

Our View

We strongly believe that building a home to high standards of quality along with up to date energy efficiency practices, is key to ensuring a comfortable home. Knowing that your investment has been carefully inspected along the process and that energy efficiency standards have been met ensures peace of mind once moved in.

Energy Efficiency

All of our homes are assessed under the ERS for new homes program and all homes built under PVC Home Builders are Energuide 83 rated to a minimum. PVC Homes is listed under Efficiency NB's list of energy efficient participating builders.