About Us

Our Mission

PVC Home Builders LTD was established in 2010 by Philip Couture. An entrepreneur with a vision to build top notch quality homes that would give homeowners a sense of feeling comfortable and also peace of mind. It is with good service and excellent workmanship that homeowners recommend PVC to friends and family. Phil also believes that energy efficiency is also an important factor to include in the design. Not only do homeowners save money, but also reduce their carbon footprint which helps reduce green house gas emissions. All units built under the PVC umbrella are assessed under the EnerGuide Rating System and go through the Efficiency NB new homes program. All units have received a minimum EnerGuide rating of 83 and up.

PVC Home Builders is a member of the Lux Home Warranty program.

Our View

We strongly believe that building a home to high standards of quality along with up to date energy efficiency practices, is key to ensuring a comfortable home. Knowing that your investment has been carefully inspected along the process and that energy efficiency standards have been met ensures peace of mind once moved in.

Energy Efficiency

All of our homes are assessed under the ERS for new homes program and all homes built under PVC Home Builders are Energuide 83 rated to a minimum. PVC Homes is listed under Efficiency NB's list of energy efficient participating builders.